1 mobile, 1 sim = multiple numbers
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Here are just some of the great features already in Tizyo

  • Simple To Use

    Setup takes 2 mins
    No complicated settings
    Encryption Secure

  • One Phone, One Sim

    True Cellular service
    Crystal Clear HD Calls
    Non VoIP reliant!

  • Call Management

    Call records for each number
    Account control
    Pre-Pay or Post Pay

  • Manage Numbers Instantly

    Add any real number
    Call anyone, anytime
    Full phone system features

  • Add Any Number, Anytime

    International or National
    Existing or New
    Landline or Mobile

  • Lower Call Charges

    Free VoIP to VoiP calls and messages or lowest international call rates to any phone in the world.

Use for FREE. No account needed or obligation. Setup takes less than 2 mins.

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